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weekly Competition and rules information

First and foremost, we implemented the applicable rules and stipulations below to run an organized and cohesive weekly Saturday morning golf game that would enable all those that participate to have a great experience. 


With that in mind, please review and note the following:


1.  Our league’s home course is Seven Springs Country Club located at 3535 Trophy Blvd, Trinity, FL 34655.  We will be playing this course the first and third Saturdays of each month.  We will then travel to different courses in the area for the other two Saturdays of each month (the second and fourth Saturdays).  Typically, these “other courses” consist of (Eastlake Woodlands Country Club, Countryside Country Club, Fox Hollow Golf Club, Innisbrook Golf Resort, The Eagles Golf Club, etc…).  We stride to change it up to keep the courses “fresh” for our participating players.


2.  We always negotiate the lowest possible prices for our players.  We strongly encourage each of our players to obtain the Paradise Card to take full advantage of even greater discounted pricing. 

3.  All information regarding our league can be found here -

4.  Each week by Monday evening, we send out an email inviting the players (in our players pool) to sign up for that week’s Saturday competition.  There will be a link in the email for the player to sign up as well as general information pertaining to start times, price to play and other noteworthy items.  Players sign up here -  When navigating to this address you will see an entry form.  After you complete the entry form and SUBMIT it, you will be redirected to the list of players that signed up and you will also receive a "THANK YOU FOR SIGNING UP EMAIL".  There should never be a question as to whether you signed up and whether your entry form was received. If you see your name on the list and you received the confirmation thank you email, then you are CONFIRMED for that week.


5.  By Thursday evening of each week, we pair up the players (BASED ON THE PLAYER’S PREFERENCES) and complete the tee times and groupings.  A broadcasted email is then sent out to those players that signed up.  We also post the tee times and pairings on our website here -


6.  While the course’s green, range and cart fees might fluctuate during the year based on seasonal pricing, etc… our tournament prize pool remains predetermined.  Currently it is $25.00 which consists of the quota game and closest to the hole on Par 3’s (“pins”) and “gross skins”.  There is an optional additional $5.00 entry fee to participate in a “two-hole contest”. 


7.  Players are welcomed from other leagues and we will ACCEPT their quota so as long as such quota can be verified.  If a quota cannot be verified, then the player must participate in 3 rounds in our league and we will average your 3 scores to assign you a quota.  This process is referred to as “qualifying”.  Such players “qualifying” will pay a reduced price for those 3 weeks in the amount of $10.00 (plus of course the course’s current and regular green fees for that day).  The $10.00 still enables these players “qualifying” to participate in the Pins and Skins competition.  More information on quota computations can be found here -


8.  The majority of all players will play a set of tees that averages 6,000 yards.  Sometimes that will translate into White tees and on some other courses it could be defined at Gold or even Blue tees.  Players that have an earned quota equal to or greater than 35 are encouraged to play from a set of tees that equals or exceeds 6,250 yards.  Lastly, players that have difficulty hitting the golf ball equal to or greater than 200 yards are encouraged to play from a more forward set of tees which typically averages around 5,500 yards. 


9.  Conditions of golf course.  We typically “roll the ball” in fairways only but on some courses where conditions are not ideal, we will announce on the scorecard if we are choosing to roll the ball everywhere (except hazards and bunkers).  We limit the improvement of the lie to a 1 scorecard’s length from where the ball originally lied. 


10. All players will play the Par 3’s from the same set of tees.  Each course will vary but again such stipulations will be notated on the current week’s scorecard.  The reason why all players play from the same set of tees on Par 3’s is because of the Par 3 closest to the hole contest (Pins).  We try to keep the length on the Par 3’s to be anywhere from 130 to 175. 


11. Pace of play is expected to be around 4 hours; on some occasions we might finish under 4 hours.


12. Lost balls and hazards.  We play all lost balls as hazards where we do not require out player to go back to the tee box and hit another ball.  This is strictly for pace of play concerns.  If there ever is a concern over a rule, always ask your fellow players in your group for a ruling.  If there is no decisive answer, then play another ball from where your current ball lies and record 2 scores and we will clarify the ruling when you are done playing.


13. Scorecards are provided each week.  We ask that the player records his regular gross score on each hole.  Our scoring system will automatically convert your golf score to a quota score on each hole. 


14. The quota game results are announced following play and players are awarded if they return a score greater than their assigned quota for the front nine, back nine and overall 18-hole quota score.  Other prize payouts for Pins and Skins as well as the two-hole contest are also computed and announced and paid out as well following play.


15. The applicable scoring for our quota game involves:

Eagles –                                            6 points

Birdies -                                            4 points

Pars -                                                 2 points

Bogeys -                                           1 point

Double bogey or worse                  0 points (please pick up your golf ball once you have exceed a bogey) for pace of play reasons.


16. Quota computations – Our league will keep track of your quota and you will have access to the computation 24/7/365 here -  Please when you navigate to this page, click on the pdf (adobe file) and you will see all of the player’s quotas.


The actual computation of your quota is determined based on the following formula:

Average of best 5 out of 9

Average of best 4 out of 8

Average of best 4 out of 7

Average of best 3 out of 6

Average of best 3 out of 5

Average of best 2 out of 4

Average of best 2 out of 3

(A player must record at least 3 rounds to establish a quota).

Thank you for your interest in our league and PLEASE if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to David Kaplan via email for the fastest response.  David’s email is




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