CURRENT EVENS & News/Announcements

The Rotary Club of Palm Harbor is holding a tournament at Innisbrook (Osprey South Course) on Friday, September 25, 2020.  Please see information below as well as the pdf which contains the sign up form and other important details.  Please help this Club by not only participating but also passing along the information to your golf buddies... 





January 1, 2020

Thank you to each of you for supporting our golf league over the last 25 to 30 years.  We look forward to much camaraderie, fun golf and low scores in 2020!!!


Very exciting changes to update you on.  

As you know we currently disburse prize money for accumulated quota points on the front 9, back 9 and overall 18 holes.  We also have separate competitions for the weekly (2-hole) contest as well as the (18th hole contest) AND a payout for a hole-in-one; not to mention many guys end up playing their individual competitions within their own group.  

To enhance everyone's experience and reward ALL GOLFERS who return a score exceeding their current quota we are implementing the following changes for 2020:


 1.  All golfers who finish at least plus a half (+ 1/2) on either side and overall 18 will receive prize money.  We simply allocate the winnings based on the number of points that each golfer exceeds their weekly quota by.  Again, if you finish with positive points then you are getting prize money!!!

 2.  If no golfers recorded a plus score on any 9 or overall 18 then money is RETURNED to each golfer.   

 3.  If the round is started and heavy rains end up causing us to leave the golf course then UNLESS ALL GOLFERS HAVE COMPLETED AT LEAST 9 HOLES the round will be cancelled and all monies returned to all golfers.  If all golfers and groups have completed at least 9 holes then we will pay out accordingly for the holes that have been completed by all of the golfers.

 4.  Transparency is of utmost importance.  We post and maintain all quota listings for ALL OF OUR GOLFERS 24/7 at our website here.; see the PDF LINK for real time updates each week to your quota.  How we compute your quota is also explained as well.  

 5.  Pay out results and distributions of prize money each week is posted here on our site as well -

Please understand that if it wasn’t for each of you participating and supporting our game we wouldn't have one.  With that in mind we ABSOLUTELY welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Please feel free to email me at with any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc…


Until then, see you all on the links and here's to a fun and fantastic year of golf!!!

-Kappy, Chiz and Church